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Instructor: Khalil El-Masry

Cairo, Egypt

With the approval of Ki no Kenkyukai HQ, Mr. Khalil Elmasry invited Shaner sensei to give a series of Seminars at various venues in Cairo, Egypt during the month of December 2006. Mr. Elmasry is a new member of Shinshin Toitsu Aikidokai and holds the Ki Rank of Shokyu. As a businessman and software engineer, Mr. Elmasry travels widely and uses Tohei sensei's Ki Principles and Pedagogy to help people in the workforce adopt new ways of thinking, learning, and growing together. Often, these situations of needed growth and new company direction are occasioned by the installation of new computer software. Therefore, Mr. Elmasry not only designs computer software to meet today's demanding business challenges, but also he teaches people how to use the software, breaking old business habits, and thus teaching people to learn and perform in new ways. Mr. Elmasry has conducted many seminars teaching our Founder's Four Basic Principles as a means of helping others to think and perform to the best of their ability.

Email: khalil_elmasry@yahoo.com
Phone: +2 0120 2423100

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