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"Whatever you begin, you must call forth plus Ki, maintain a firm will, and see it through."

-- Koichi Tohei Sensei




This is your invitation to a new experience. 

It is an experience of mind and body unification.

It is an experience that you can't grasp through books or videos.

Imagine never having experienced the sensation of sweet.  The most diligent study of sweetness will never compare to the experience of simply biting into a ripe summer peach.

Tohei Sensei created the Ki Society to spread the experience of mind and body oneness.  You can gain this experience through any of Ki Society's five disciplines.  Members of the Ki Society can select the area of training that most interests them in cultivating the realization of mind and body oneness.  It could be Aikido, Kiatsu, Ki-Meditation, Ki-Breathing or Bell Meditation.

View a brief interview with Shaner Sensei on Ki AIkido, here.

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