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The Definition of Ki

"We begin with the number one in counting all things. It is impossible that this one can ever be reduced to zero. Because just as something cannot be made from nothing, one cannot be made from zero.

Ki is like the number one. Ki is formed from infinitely small particles, smaller than an atom. The universal Ki condensed becomes an individual, which in turn condensed becomes the one point in the lower abdomen, which in turn infinitely condensed never becomes zero, but becomes One with the Universe. Thus we understand the definition of Ki."

                  -- Koichi Tohei Sensei




Being calm in daily life can often be the difference between performing well and performing poorly. In extreme situations, it can even be the difference between life and death.

Tohei Sensei, in an effort to teach us the realization of mind and body oneness, has developed a method of Ki Meditation. This form of meditation focuses our mind to the one point in the lower abdomen. When the one point is infinitely condensed by half, mind and body are unified and true calmness is obtained.

In this state, are we able to effectively manage whatever complexities the world may offer us.

Five Principles of Ki Meditation

You maintain a posture of mastery

You are letting go, releasing, and have a sense of freedom

You create an atmosphere of harmony

You are vividly aware of the spirit of life in Universe itself

Therefore, you can feel the movement of the Ki of the Universe

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