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Overview of the 2007
Inaugural 9th Month Program

A 9 month program dedicated to the inner disciplines of Shinshin Toitsudo. These include Ki-Breathing, Ki-Meditation, Kiatsu, Sokushin no Gyo, and the Oneness Rhythm Taiso. The program is designed for those seeking to teach these practices within their own communities. Thus participants will be asked to lead Ki no Kenko classes once a week for 12 weeks during the program's duration.

Participants train daily in the inner disciplines at the local EKF dojo, or at home. The learning is sequential and cumulative so daily practice is essential in order to realize the full benefit of the training.

Below is a pdf file avaiable for download that is the outline for the entire course.

We plan to offer the Ki no Kenko program in 2009; stay tuned for details.

download 13MB pdf


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